Taste Stimulus Package


What can we say....It works, and look at all you get! Yummy Green Beans 8oz., great for snacking or add to a Bloody Mary (our Bloody Mary Mix is the best). Zesty Garlic Seasoning 2.75oz., use for anything that needs a touch of flavor. Garlic Gourmay Sauce 12oz., A nice teriyaki style stir-fry or marinade sauce. Very concentrated so a little goes a long way. Roasted Garlic Seasoning 2.5oz., A great replacement for your ordinary garlic powder. Our Roasted Garlic Seasoning has no fillers, or salt to get in the way of what is important..the GARLIC!!! Excellent for any dish! And finally our Garlic Olive Oil 9.5oz. This is a double infused extra virgin olive oil. Your neighbors will ask what's for dinner when cooking with this one!

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