Backyard Inferno Barbecue Sauce 14oz. (6 Pack)

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Burn baby burn..Backyard Inferno! With just the right amount of Habanero heat and flavor this BBQ sauce is a hit. Baste, marinade, or use a finishing's going to be HOT!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrea Lynch
Fantastic sauce

You guys need to take this to Trader Joes. Just sayin'. Get it on shelves !

Kevin D
Great BBQ Sauce

We found this BBQ sauce at a festival years ago and absolutely love it. Sad to see we couldn't buy it in the large "jug" on this order so we had to buy a bunch of the smaller ones, lol. This sauce has fantastic flavor and a spicy kick that really makes it unique and very tasty.

Regina Blackwell
Great Sauce

We first tried the backyard inferno when we lived in Washington fell in love with it. Now we are living in California we found out that they ship thier sauce's. Thier teriyaki sauce is aslo delicious.

Mark Mueller
Great Base

I use this sauce for a base for my bbq sauces and it is great. Good consistency and really good used as is.

don lancaster
Not for wimps.

Good blend of spice an heat. Not a colon buster but will let you feel the heat. Was asked for the recipe. I gave them the name Of Garlic gourmet And there web Site.