About Garlic Gourmay

Thanks for visiting Garlic Gourmay. We would like to give a big thank you to our returning customers and a warm welcome to those checking us out for the first time. While you are here if you have any questions or comments feel free to call or email and we can help you out personally.

Thank you,
Jan, Paul and Zach

The Garlic Gourmay Story

In 1979 Jan Kuper started a small manufacturing business in her home making realistic plush puppets. Through her hard work and determination she built the foundation for the family business.

The Garlic Gourmay was created in 1992 when Jan was joined by her husband Paul, and as it grew, their son Zach. The Kuper family creates all of their innovative recipes to please the palate of garlic lovers everywhere. Since the beginning, customers using Garlic Gourmay products have regularly received awards in BBQ and other cooking competitions.

It is the goal of the Garlic Gourmay to produce superior, innovative, and consistently high quality products. We produce Garlic Gourmay products in a state of the art manufacturing facility, which meets or exceeds FDA standards. This association will help us to grow and further build our reputation for manufacturing the finest garlic products.

Our Vision & Future

As we look to the future we keep customer satisfaction in mind in every aspect of our business. Outstanding product quality and value, quick shipping, and unequalled customer service are just a few of the ideals our family holds dear.

We are constantly working on new and exciting taste sensations and receive lots of input from both our loyal customers and family for these new products. With people cooking more for them self, and trying to get away from fast food and restaurants, we find our customer base growing. An effort to make product more locally available to customers is something we work on every day.

We have new distributors doing sales events in many parts of the country, and sell to many stores throughout the northwest. Our goal is to take the business nationwide and have our products represent a new trend of good health and excellent taste.

With all the changes in sales venues requiring personal medical information to be presented upon entry, we at Garlic Gourmay, specifically the Kuper family will not be attending or promoting any of these venues that violate your rights. We do have independent companies that purchase our products for resale. It is the resellers choice to attend such events.