Bacon Hickory Rub 10oz.

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The combination of spices in our Bacon Hickory Rub has the flavor of bacon without any meat. Sprinkle on a baked potato, do a dry rub on your BBQ items, add to anything that needs a little smokey bacon flavor. Just like all our seasonings tons of garlic too!

Category: Large seasonings

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely fantastic seasoning. Goes great on beef and chicken, especially if its grilled. Works well on potatoes too. Gives a nice hint of smokey bacon with a little heat, so be careful not to add too much unless you like it hot.

Darren J
Bacon Flavored Salt

I have loved virtually ever product I have gotten from Garlic Gourmay, until this product. It is completely mis-named. It should be called bacon flavored SALT because that is what it is. I have never been disappointed by a Garlic Gourmay product; there are some that I don't like because there are flavors I just don't prefer, but this product is terrible. The only way I'd use it would be to blend it with other spices and use it as the salt content for the blend. I would never buy it again.

Mike Luton
The perfect seasoning

Bacon Hickory Rub
Awesome seasoning that tastes great on all meats, it’s a 10

James Johnson
Outstanding Seasoning

I use several of the products from Garlic Gourmay in virtually every food I prepare on our charcoal grill. And that’s a lot of grilling all year long. They are the best of any. The Bacon Hickory Rub is one of their many seasoning stars good on roast beef, burgers, chicken, even fish. Being without of this rub is like a wasted meal. Never be out of their products. All are outstanding.

Jennifer Y
Awesome Flavor

Hubby said the steaks were better than any steakhouse he’s had. It’s my go to spice. Use it in hamburgers, stews and lightly on chicken.