Habanero Pickled Garlic 32oz.

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Very HOT! Our pickled garlic is done by a cold pickling process that allows the garlic to stay crunchy and retain most of the health benefits you get from raw garlic. These are a nice addition to any plate or use for pasta dishes, salads, or chopped up for sandwiches.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Barclay
Nothing but the best.

The Habanero Pickled Garlic from Garlic Gourmet is the best pickled garlic I have ever tasted. It has just the right amount of heat and the flavor is outstanding!

Buddy Brock
Habanero garlic

As always it is wonderful!

Matthew Steinfeld
Best ever

Best ever pickled garlic. I’ve been a fan of Garlic Gourmet for 20 year’s plus.

Best pickled garlic

I first became acquainted with Garlic Gourmet more than 10 year’s previous at the Minnesota State Fair. The Habanero Pickled Garlic has always been one my favorites. I was so pleased to see it become available again after some supply chain issues made it unavailable for a bit. They use the best crisp garlics and I enjoy the heat of the habanero’s impart into the garlic cloves. There are many healthy benefits from consuming garlic. These are the absolute best pickled garlic’s I have ever tried and will continue to be a happy customer of Garlic Gourmet for as long as they provide us with the best garlic products in the country. We have also tried many of their other products and their commitment to quality prevails throughout all of their products.

Joseph Jackson
Pretty tasty

Its good. I don't know what else to say. I put it on a lot of dishes or just eat it out of the jar. If you like spicy pickled garlic then you'll love this.