Lemon Dill Pickled Garlic 8oz.

Mild dill flavor with a hint of lemon. Our pickled garlic is done by a cold pickling process that allows the garlic to stay crunchy and retain most of the health benefits you get from raw garlic. These are a nice addition to any plate or use for pasta dishes, salads, or chopped up for sandwiches.

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Customer Reviews

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Leanne Motsenbocker
Fresh and crunchy

We ate this pickled garlic on a trip to Portland at the Saturday market. It was so good we ordered it when we returned home to Chicago. Haven't found anything that compares to the flavor and texture locally.

Troy Taubman
Best pickled garlic period!

Best tasting pickled garlic out there! You better get you a couple jars. Great job! Thank you Jan,Paul and Zach.

Jan Hill
My favorite

These were all a gift but we have had the Lemon Dill Pickled Garlic a few times. By far my favorite.