Lemon Dill Pickled Garlic 8oz. (6 Pack)

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Mild dill flavor with a hint of lemon. Our pickled garlic is done by a cold pickling process that allows the garlic to stay crunchy and retain most of the health benefits you get from raw garlic. These are a nice addition to any plate or use for pasta dishes, salads, or chopped up for sandwiches.

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Customer Reviews

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Robin Trent
Good thing the only kisses I give are to my kitty. 😁

I have been purchasing this garlic off and on for at least a decade. I got a taste at The Garlic Festival in our area, and I was hooked! Always my go to goodie when I want to treat myself. I usually end up eating at least ten pieces at a time. I can’t seem to stop at just a couple. The cat doesn’t complain, so I guess the kisses aren’t a problem for her.😹

Gerri Habighorst

Very Good! You have the best products even tho I live in Alaska since I first tasted your product at a local Home show I have loved the flavor and knowing it’s good for me. I was not one to eat raw garlic. But we have tried to order it once a year. We use these as a treat. And have started to buy these as a gift for for our children and their family. I have started to add it to my cooking also. Thank you. 😊


Love this garlic, great accent to many dishes, though like to eat just as snack with or on crackers, cheese.

Dianne Coyne
Picked garlic

I haven’t been able to find any pickled garlic that is as good as the Gourmet Garlic’s. I used to go to the State Fair just to get some but now I’m glad I can just order it.

Charlene niemela